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The Solution for Global Access Control on the IBM i

As a true global access control platform that secures any type of access, CONTROLER takes a unique data-centric approach that brings power, flexibility and readability to your IBM i access rules.  Due to its unique architecture, CONTROLER has revolutionized the security landscape on the IBM i.
  • Already using another product? You think your machine is already secure? 
  • Are your access rules complex, convoluted or difficult to understand? 
  • Does the machine’s performance suffer when you try to comprehensively cover ODBC/JDBC access?
  • Have you seen unexpected access to sensitive files outside of your business applications?
Let’s talk.  We’ll show you how you can improve AND simplify access control to your data, making a real difference to the IT security of your business.

Companies worldwide have chosen CONTROLER thanks to its unique and rigorous approach to data security as it ensures the most stringent regulatory requirements, such as SOX, Basel II, PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, etc., are met with ease.


CONTROLER complements standard IBM i OS security by adding a layer of security to either classic or adopted authority mode. 

Based mainly on exit points, CONTROLER lets you fully control access via: 
  • Network protocols (FTP, ODBC, DDM, DRDA, NetServer, TELNET, etc.)
  • Any system or user command (5250 or remote)
  • SQL statements (STRSQL, RUNSQLSTM, RUNSQL, *EDRSQL, Embedded SQL, etc.)
  • CQE usage (RUNQRY, WRKQRY, QQQQry, OPNQRYF, etc.)
  • Jobs
  • File opens (FTP, Socket, QSH, STRSQL, DSPPFM, UPDDTA, etc.)
  • Sockets
  • And more
CONTROLER has two modules that can be bought separately or together: Access Protocol Control and Command Control.

Examples of access controls you can implement with the Access Protocol Control module:
  • Block ALL authentication processes with one easy to maintain rule
  • Block any open session request – not just TELNET
  • Improve security of generic user profiles
  • Secure remote commands using generic controls
  • Block and/or log and/or alert on all events
  • Specific SQL statements based on precise selection criteria
  • File access outside of normal application programs
  • And more
Examples of access controls you can implement with the Command Control module:
  • Block specific commands used under certain conditions (Outside of EAM, after business hours, etc.)
  • Restrict activity of *SECADM users to certain system values, etc.
  • Alert and start auditing *CMD when users receive *ALLOBJ authority
  • Restrict users to specific files for UPDDTA, etc.
  • Force users to qualify files on commands (UPDDTA, CRTDUPOBJ, etc.)
  • Block copying or saving files outside of normal procedures
  • And more
The intuitive, easy-to-use GUI interface lets you simply and effortlessly monitor activity and maintain access rules for all of your servers.

  • Secures your data with powerful and flexible data-centric rules that are easy to maintain
  • Employs actions either before or after execution of user/system commands
  • Manages both SQL and query engines 
  • Blocks SQL statements and commands according to precise user-defined criteria
  • Identifies CPU consumption and can automatically regulate job priority for SQL queries
  • Very low impact on system performance, particularly with high volume ODBC/JDBC applications
  • Rich vocabulary for rule definitions (ports, SQL client registers, etc.)
  • Includes simulation and learning modes for rules testing
  • Performs actions and alerts via e-mail, popup, journal, etc.
  • Capacity to interface with leading SIEM consoles
  • Produces reports on CONTROLER activity in multiple formats (PDF, CSV, XLS, etc.)
  • Includes a standard access control model
  • Easy to use, intuitive graphic interface for day-to-day operations
  • And more

  • Significantly reduce the time and cost for regulatory compliance
  • Record security incidents, then act effectively and efficiently
  • Encourage best practices
  • Stop fraudulent activity

Try it for yourself.  Experience the power of Cilasoft Software for 30 days—FREE.