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Client Testimonials

Toyota Australia

 TOYOTA_logo "The purchase and implementation of the Cilasoft security software solution will help TMHA comply with the Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Law (otherwise known as JSOX).  This requires, for example, that TMHA can demonstrate control of access, provide auditability and track changes to critical application data and systems on their IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) server." ... - Read More

SAB Services

" The extensive capabilities and broad coverage in the CILASOFT solution are very configurable, allowing us to not only easily capture any type of audit required on the functional side of our software platform (IBM i) but also to control real time the access to all parts of the server (technical). The Cilasoft Support is responsive, professional and expert in this field and its management is very proactive.

Eric Le Fustec
Deputy Group CISO, SAB

SR Operations, Switzerland

 SMART YOU_MANAGED SERVICES_logo « ...The combined QRadar® / Cilasoft solution now enables SRO’s customer to go well beyond the initial needs »

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 Med USA_logo"Cilasoft addressed our needs in both security and physical file auditing. We were able to replace the time consuming task of manually reviewing IBM security audit logs with easy to read reports tailored to specific items that were of high importance to us. Along with that, the ability to forward information automatically to our IT staff for review enables better monitoring for everyone involved. The physical file auditing enables us to not only track changes to critical files, but allows us to easily set up monitoring for any issues that may present themselves. We also use it as an additional tool to track any software changes as part of our internal auditing processes."

Jeff Thayn
IS Director

Noel Leeming Group, New Zealand

 Noel_Leeming_Logo"...After seeing the first demonstration of Cilasoft CONTROLER, Roger Knight (Development and Infrastructure Support) concluded: “I was impressed with CONTROLER – it was clearly superior to the product that was currently being used.”

 ...The product evaluation was successful.... The implementation of this solution was carried out successfully in a very short period of time...
Cilasoft CONTROLER has been able to deliver on all of Noel Leeming’s business, technical and financial requirements.

 Roger Knight
 Development and Infrastructure Support

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David Nieper Ltd, UK

 David_Nieper_Ltd_logo"Having performed an analysis of the audit reporting requirements for PCI-DSS compliance I realised it would take several weeks to create and implement a bespoke solution but using Cilasoft we were able to achieve this is just a few days."

Annette Templeman
IT Manager

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Blom Bank S.A.L., Lebanon

BLOM_Bank_logoThe Cilasoft Audit and Security Suite is a powerful and renowned tool which greatly facilitates the security hardening of the IBM i systems and enables the auditability of these systems and the traceability of related events thus allowing banks to achieve compliance with international security standards such as PCI and others. Furthermore, while implementing the Cilasoft Audit and Security Suite at a large scale at BLOM Bank, we were thrilled to see that these products are highly robust as they scale beyond the limits of few servers in a seamless way.  
Our engagement with Cilasoft was a success story and what we appreciated most about working with Cilasoft is the highly responsive support of all the team as well as the flexibility that they showed us as they were willing to implement specific features into the Cilasoft Audit and Security Suite to address our needs and requirements

Antoine Lawandos
Assistant General Manager – Chief Information Officer

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Kentucky (USA)

 "As with our other auditing implementations, with QJRN/400 and assistance from Green Light, the set-up process went quickly and smoothly. When the implementation was completed, it gave us a third-party, standardized auditing process over all of our critical functions. And it's especially nice that I always have the flexibility to select anything I want to see on any of the QJRN/400 reports.

Amy Wieting
Information Systems Manager 

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Westpac Pacific Banking

"Since the implementation of Cilasoft QJRN System Audit, the reactions to the benefits derived from this solution have been very positive.  Auditors and internal security officers are pleased with the ability of the platform to generate concise and accurate reports.  Equally important is the fact that today, the auditing and compliancy process is significantly more automated - eliminating the need for IT personnel to spend hours gathering system information, managing user access, and formatting the data into reports that the auditors can interpret."  

Stanley Singh
Head of Technology

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Heinz Watties Australia

 Heinz Watties AustraliaIt easily met all of our requirements (and exceeded them), was simple for us to install using both local and international support, and the implementation was completed within the scheduled timeframe.  It has also proven to be a costeffective solution for our entire (i.e. 5 LPAR) iSeries environment, and can be implemented on the same system on additional LPARs if required, at no additional licensing costs."

Sam Bonanno
ANZ Infrastructure Production Manager

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Campbell County, Wyoming (USA)

Campbell CountyJournal Audit Reporting Solution Brings IT Staff Unexpected Benefits 

"QJRN/400 now saves us countless hours when we get audit requests that require going back to database journals.  I use the query function in QJRN/400 to show me specific data from selected windows of time and within 30 minutes I have a nicely formatted PDF report delivered to the department head."

Rocky Marquiss
Sr. Programmer Analyst

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Corpbanca, Chile

Corpbanca"At our bank, we make use of the Controler and QJRN/400 solutions.  Thanks to both of these solutions, we have achieved a high security standard and we have met the demands of various regulatory compliance audits, both internal and external..."

Cristian Guerra
Operational Risk Manager and Information Security

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Compagnie Sucriere Senegalaise (CSS)

Compagnie Sucriere Senegalaise"I appreciate the quality and the responsiveness of Cilasoft technical support.  Each time we are contacting them for assistance, a consultant reaches out to us within the following minutes or hours and helps us until our request is completed and we are satisfied with the result.  They are really professional and they have a deep expertise in QJRN and the IBM i. Moreover, QJRN is very intuitive and includes assistance for implementing different kinds of queries.
To create a QJRN query, all what you need is to know your database structure.

Diaguily Cissoko
Software Engineer

"..Besides securing data and operations, we use QJRN to get some additional reports that M3 ® does not provide: for example, maintenance orders not delivered for more than 8 days or a precise list of orders older than one month that have not been delivered..."

Benoit Bermes-Paul
Chief Financial Officer

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Oman Arab Bank

Oman Arab BankAfter researching and comparing available IBM i Audit & Security Products, we selected Cilasoft. One of our main requirements was for the security software to integrate with our technical environment and business applications.Cilasoft met all of our criteria and we found it is the most feature rich, robust and flexible solution and provided the best return for our investment.
Furthermore, the support given by Cilasoft is very responsive and is of great quality.

Mustafa Srour
Assistant General Manager, IT

Financiera Comultrasan, Colombia

 Financiera_Comultrasan_logo"Through the solutions Controler, QJRN/400 and DVM, we have managed to improve the visibility on our iSeries systems in addition to allowing us to implement control measures on activities around access to the system and the data based on reports and email alert solutions delivered to us.  I must emphasize the excellent technical support group at Green Light Technology and the ongoing support from the principal manufacturer, Cilasoft."

Julio Cesar Ayala
IT Infrastructure  Director

A. Lassonde, Canada

A. Lassonde"A First Class solution !

We lined up five companies to find the one that fitted us best.  Our small selection committee chose Cilasoft over the four others because it offered us what we were looking for:  simplicity and efficiency.  We saw many nice GUI interfaces but that was not our first criteria.
Since we bought Cilasoft’s solution we never regretted our decision.  It does exactly what they claimed it would do… and more!
What about the service?  First of all, it works so smoothly that we never needed it that much, but when we did call, the service was First Class:  quick, polite and efficient.
Of all our portfolio of applications, Cilasoft stands out of the pack.

Pierre Brault
Vice-President, Information Technologies

Castel Gabon Group

Castel Group"We consider products QJRN and CONTROLER as a natural extension of our ERP, with their strong integration with M3®, relevance of reports and alerts, and their very low impact on the system.  They have became strategic in our company and allowed us to significantly improve quality of M3® usage, to identify abnormal transactions and errors.  The return on our investment is unquestionable."

Gwenaël Brière

Rush Trucking, Michigan (USA)

Rush TruckingCilasoft Offers Rush a Smooth Ride to Security
By System iNEWS (Erin Bradford)

"I can spend a lot of time looking at exit programs, scanning for inappropriate SQL statements and Queries.  But why reinvent the wheel?  I build the business rules and allow CONTROLER to do it for me, 24 X 7."

Bob Gilsdorf
iSeries System Manager

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Banque de Luxembourg

Banque de Luxembourg"Our mission is to monitor and securely manage access to our banking platform; among all the tools evaluated, the QJRN400/CONTROLER Suite is by far the most effective, the easiest to implement and set up, does not impact on machine resources and is the most customizable.
Cilasoft's ability to respond to our needs and problems is unequalled in both quality and speed of response.
This tool has become very useful and necessary for us.

René Chevremont
IT Security Manager

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